ECE Board Exam

Posted: July 24, 2011 in ECE Licensure Stuff
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For those who are also willing to contribute their resources or perhaps share some ECE board exam questions (who recently took the exam) – you may post it here.

Update: How to Pass the ECE Board Exam?

Recently I got a lot of message asking me how to pass the ECE Board exam. Again,  there’s no shortcut. You have to sweat and study hard. My advice? Make sure you pass the Math Subject. It will boost your confidence on the 2nd day of exam which is Communication & GEAS.

Anyway, the reason why I made this post is to help YOU. So, I am compiling here the actual ECE Board Exam Questions. To all who already pass the exam, you may post questions you’ve remembered. The important thing is WE PASS!.. One question is very important. Leak or Not? I don’t really care.. So please share.



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